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When it comes to the fashion you always have in front of your face models presenting clothes or accessories. You see them on magazine covers, big billboards in city centres and on the window displays. All glamourous and beautiful. However not always you have the chance to find out their names, quite rare you will read their surnames and seldom you will get to know their opinions.

Let’s be honest fashion world is build on models without them the industry wouldn’t exist. But so rare we give them a chance to speak. Too often we treat them like speechless mannequins. So now we’ve decided to reverse the situation. For the new project “OpenCall Mag Discovers” we invite responsible fashion brands and young models who we ask how the fashion world look like from their perspective.  

In this edition we met Wiktoria Broda represented by Spot Management from Wroclaw. In the pictures Wiktoria wears responsible fashion brands: The Odder Side, Elementy and Natula. Photographed and interviewed by Hanna Kantor.

Body: The Odder Side, Jeans: Elementy

Wiktoria Broda

18years old model represented by Spot Management Wroclaw since November 2019

HK: What is excited about the fashion world that pushed you to start a modelling career?  

WB: I wanted to become a model since I was a child, it was my biggest dream. Modeling is like an art in which I finally found myself.  

Dress: The Odder Side 


You’re quite new in the industry although you took part in a few photoshoots and film productions, what’s your favourite and why?  

 I love every photoshoot, but my favourites are those in a delicate, natural climate dominated by bright colours. I think they fit my personality best. 

Dress: Elementy, Jacket: Vintage 


How from you experience COVID-19 influenced modelling industry?  

I think it was difficult. When the pandemic started, the agency complied with the restrictions. When the government let us work, we immediately started with a beautiful outdoor photoshoots. 

Dresses: Natula


As a new face, you’re still studying at school. How do you cope with working for modelling agency, and being a high school student in the same time?  

Honestly, I never had any problems at school. I can easily combine both things and spend time on each one. I think that when you want something, anything is possible. 

Dress: The Odder Side


Do you have a fashion idol, an icon who inspires you?  

My biggest fashion inspiration is Bella Hadid. She is a beautiful woman who knows what she is doing. I appreciate the fact that she speaks out loud about the social problems that affect every one of us.  

Dress: The Odder Side

What are your plans for the future?   

It’s a pretty tough question. After high school I plan to go to study in Poland, but I don’t know where my life will take me. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life. 

 Body: The Odder Side, Jeans: Elementy