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Noisy, loose, and improvised on-the-spot rock – Sailor Honeymoon

Korean punk trio Sailor Honeymoon return with another infectious single, PMS Police, a guitar-driven anthem challenging the dominant idea of Korean music as K-pop. It’s a song no one asked for but everyone needed!

The Seoul-based 3-piece burst onto the scene in May last year with their explosive debut single ‘Cockroach’ which came out via new the Seoul-via-London label Good Good 굿굿 Records. 

BBC 6 Music-championed ‘Cockroach’ was heralded as an ‘important arrival’ in the vein of The Ramones, Kim Gordon and Bikini Kill. 

‘PMS Police’ is the latest satirical track about “the way people sometimes freak out over a PMSing woman”. It will form part of the all-girl outfit’s self-titled debut EP, announced for release April 30th. 

The band’s intention is to create noisy, loose, and improvised on-the-spot rock music, accompanied by the freedom to say whatever they want to. This unfiltered way of making music is an intentional act of rebellion in a country known for its heavily commercialised pop industry.