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Islands are releasing their 10th album!

Islands is excited to announce the upcoming release of their highly anticipated tenth album, ‘What Occurs,’ set to be out on June 21st, 2024. This milestone album, marking their tenth in 19 years, showcases a significant departure for the band as they embrace a live-off-the-floor approach, stripping away layers to reveal a raw, unmediated sound. Today, the band is unveiling the lead single ‘Drown A Fish’ delving into the complexities of human interactions, drawing inspiration from The Three O’Clock, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, and Kiwi Jr. The song embodies the essence of power pop, highlighting the band’s dynamic energy and musical prowess. Thorburn describes the track as a compelling story full of contradictions, aiming to present ironic situations narrated by a delusional character rather than a typical uplifting anthem.

‘What Occurs’ was entirely produced by the band during the summer of 2023 and later mixed by acclaimed producer Colin Stewart. This marks Islands’ first Canadian-made record since their debut album, ‘Return to the Sea’ in 2006. Reflecting on the creative process, Nick Thorburn shares that they approached the recording with a fresh perspective, making quick decisions and capturing the raw spontaneity of their craft honed over a decade. Though currently based in Los Angeles, Thorburn’s return to his home province of British Columbia for this record reflects a sense of coming full circle. By recording in his native land, he pays tribute to Canadian music greats who have influenced his work, creating a subtle yet meaningful connection to his musical heritage.