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Gossip has real power!

‘Real Power’ is the title track from the Gossips’ brand new album. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, lead singer Beth Ditto’s hometown, ‘Real Power’ is a powerful anthem encouraging listeners to take control of their own power. The song is filled with energetic riffs, dance beats, and Beth’s empowering vocals that capture Gossip’s signature dance punk sound. The music video for ‘Real Power’ pays homage to the band’s high-energy live performances, directed by Cody Critcheloe, also known as SSION.

Speaking about the song, Beth Ditto expressed that ‘Real Power’ is a celebration of how people came together to make positive change during challenging times. This is reflected in the rebellious spirit of the song and its message of empowerment.

Gossip has reunited with producer Rick Rubin for their upcoming album which is a celebration of creative expression and the strength found in chosen family after moments of collective and personal trauma.

Known for their groundbreaking contributions to indie music and their outspokenness on political, cultural, gender, and sexuality issues, Gossip continues to make waves in the music scene. With a history of critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase, the band’s return with ‘Real Power’ is eagerly anticipated in the industry.