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Kacey Fifield doesn’t want to feel left behind

Kacey Fifield is on the brink of leaving her teenage years behind, marking this transition with the release of her latest EP, ‘Nostalgia Haunts Me’. Reflecting on the journey from adolescence to adulthood, Kacey acknowledges the significant changes underway in her life. Yet, as an artist, she sees this as only the beginning of her creative journey.

Having first captured attention with her self-penned debut album, ‘Between the Lines’ in 2022, Kacey’s talent has earned her widespread acclaim. Her debut album has garnered nearly five million streams on Spotify, captivating an audience of nearly two million unique listeners.

With her new single Kacey offers a poignant blend of personal reflection and farewell to her high school years, encapsulating the bittersweet memories that accompany such a significant chapter of life.

I came up with the idea for this song when I was in the thick of receiving my college decisions. It was the end of the year, all of my relationships felt like they were falling apart, and I was terrified of the future. Since “nostalgia haunts me,” I felt terrified of “living in the past my whole life” and getting “left behind” by those around me. This darker lyrical theme is juxtaposed with an upbeat, danceable instrumental. This pairing is meant to express the catharsis of finally letting go of my fears and recognizing that my worries are out of my control. Written by Kacey Fifield, Michael Kamerman, and Sam Beresford. Produced by Michael Kamerman and Sam Beresford.