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Is it hard to be a woman in the music industry?

A recent study has uncovered a harsh reality: 81% of women navigating the music industry find it tougher than their male counterparts. And it’s not just a feeling—they’re backed by facts. The Be The Change: Women Making Music survey highlights a grim landscape where sexual harassment, misogyny, and male dominance overshadow women’s journey in music.

Shockingly, two-thirds of participants reveal that sexual harassment isn’t a one-time ordeal; it’s a persistent nightmare haunting their careers. Objectification and patronization have become daily struggles, stifling creativity and hindering progress.

In March 2021, grim statistics surfaced: a mere 23% of Grammy nominees identified as women. This disparity prompted The Recording Academy to vow change, promising to double female voters by 2025 and enhance women’s participation in the music business. However, progress remains sluggish, with interim president Harvey Mason Jr. conceding,

We haven’t seen enough progress to date.

Even within esteemed institutions like The Recording Academy, gender biases persist. The uphill battle for gender parity rages on, signaling a long road ahead. Yet, amidst the adversity, resilient women emerge as beacons of change, forging a path toward a more equitable future.

As we confront systemic sexism and strive for inclusivity, let us amplify the voices of women in music and champion their contributions. Together, let’s dismantle barriers and create a more just and balanced industry for all.

The spotlight may be dimmed, but our resolve shines brighter than ever.