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Natalie Carr sings about “Wasted Potential” in 2022

Natalie Carr continues her parade of fantastic music with another memorable, sticky single called “Wasted Potential.” With crisp, bouncy, upbeat production providing a contrast to the song’s honest, meaningful topic, Natalie once again delivers a layered song with smart, relatable insights about her generation. She elaborates:

“I wrote ‘Wasted Potential’ about no longer caring about living up to society’s expectations through the lens of a dysfunctional relationship. In the hook I write, ‘we’ll always be broke and we’ll always be late, I’m a piece of s*** without a 401k.’ It’s a playful take on making people upset whose opinions probably shouldn’t matter in the first place (I.e. people you knew ten years ago, your ex-boyfriend’s mom, etc.). I’ve had an unconventional life and path and one of the things I’ve always believed is that you’ll never have the time back to take risks and chances. This song is my ‘don’t play it safe’ anthem. I want people in their twenties to hear this song and feel validated if they don’t have their s*** together.”

Based in Charlotte, NC by way of Stamford, Connecticut, Natalie Carr has an abundance of musical influences, often compared to artists like Halsey, Kehlani, and a female Post Malone. Listeners find themselves enthralled with Natalie’s writing, enchanted by the way it resonates with their day-to-day life. Widely ranging from topics like typical heartbreak, society’s perception of young women, and personal anguish and abuse she has experienced in her own life or through the eyes of a friend, Natalie’s natural ability to take complex and personal truths and experiences and translate them into music with the ability to connect and inspire others truly sets her apart from her peers. Her latest singles “All My Plants Are Dead” and “Blood Bind” (Feat. Riley) continue to gain traction all the way from Spotify to MTV.