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Yes Kid experienced emotional Catharsis writing 3 song EP ‘Lighten Up’


When the pandemic hit, LA-based singer/songwriter Yes Kid didn’t write anything for about a year and was convinced she was giving music up altogether. 

I felt like a dried-up well haha. No more inspiration, no more desire. And I was kind of resigned to it. I didn’t even feel sad about it, just resigned.

She was forced to reassess what music meant to her, and to start thinking about her mental health. Thus, the new EP ‘Lighten Up’ was born. It’s a tangible reflection of YK’s new commitment to her mental health journey, and all the ups and downs that go along with it – the steps forward and the setbacks.

We love all three pieces although ‘Too Much Feeling (Not Enough Screaming)’ particularly stole our hearts with its more rock’n’roll, rebel drop. ‘Lighten Up’ is a beautiful, honest lyrical journey through bad, anxious, unpleasant moments we all experience in our lives. Sweet, innocent vocals are beautifully accompanied by at times real punk rock vibe.