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The energy of a free spirit in a new single by Tal Arditi

‘I Will Fly Away’ is the latest track by Tal Arditi, a Berlin-based and Israeli native guitarist, composer, singer & songwriter. The song was written during lockdown about a year ago and it describes the will to dare, to follow your dreams, and not to be afraid to make something new and different that you haven’t done before. ‘I will Fly Away’ is a deep electronica masterpiece, showcasing catchy guitar riffs, soft vocal lines, and dreamy harmonies. When you think of the message carried in the lyrical layer, everything comes together – the structure of a song playfully resonates with the energy of a free spirit that just escaped a mental trap and it’s ready to start living fully. 

I started to work on the song in the middle of 2020 when Berlin was in total lockdown. I was sitting in my room and suddenly this rhythmical guitar line came to my head. I just felt like I had to record it right away… A couple of hours after I had almost the entire song. lyrics, chords, structure.. it was like I had the song inside of me for months, and I just needed to find a way to let it out.