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The Collection sharing a spark of hope

As one of the hardest songs for the band to write on the upcoming full-length album, ‘Spark of Hope’ has a patient, almost timid feel to it that gives its title and message a hard-won feel. It’s a perfect song for those that may feel they hit the wall or lost their hope. The Collection’s new piece has an energetic power to lift you up or just to comfort you and pat you on the back. 

Frontman David Wimbish says about the song:


I started to analyze how I feel about life, as someone who is often optimistic about projects, but not about my own mental state or health or future, and realized I don’t feel like someone who drowns in hope, but I’m not void of it either. I always try to at least carry a little spark of it, just enough to see in the darkness, and hope it’s enough to get me through. I wrote this song while we were in the studio, after almost a year of trying to write it and failing. It came together in a half hour and we recorded it the next day, with the lights low, during a thunderstorm.