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Powerful pop-rock from London

Three school friends from South London got together in 2019 to build their own musical and visual world under their project NAMES‘A Little More Into This’, their sophomore, very promising single brings a breeze of fresh air to the music scene. Powerful pop-rock piece features 80’s style drums and guitar riffs accompanied with crisp vocals. What catches our ears the most is this incredible infectious energy in the track that you cannot resist. 

The song was written, recorded and produced from their DIY home studio and explores how combustible relationships can often leave people feeling stronger and closer once the debris has settled.

Producer and Bassist Tom says of the track:

We couldn’t wait to get this song out; we wanted it to feel like you’re driving fast through a city with lights blurring around you – sort of like a Wipeout! game! It was written at a time of lockdown when we wanted to produce something that would put you somewhere completely different from that situation; being stuck indoors, not being able to go anywhere, this song was a reaction to that in many ways – something fast, something energetic and relentless.