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Paula Jivén shares ‘Breaking Up With A Friend’ from her upcoming debut EP

Paula Jivén, a Swedish songwriter from Gothenburg makes spellbindingly original pop music, each song sparked from her radiant imagination. At just 18-years-old, she’s already cultivated a truly singular voice as an artist. Jivén made her debut appearance at age 13 when she received a Golden Buzzer for her viral rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on Swedish Talang

Paula just released her next enticing single ‘Breaking Up With A Friend’. The song is accompanied by a quirky music video and it’s the last track released before Jivén’s debut EP “The Duality In Me” arrives on May 6th. 

Breaking Up With A Friend is one of the best writing experiences I’ve ever had, and I think you can hear that. The listen is quite a ride from beginning to end with a, dare I say, remarkable production from my bestie Åke Olofsson, with tempo changes, language switches, and this narrative of a dissolving friendship in the background. I think it might’ve taken two or three days to finish, something that rarely happens to me. On the surface, the lyrics mirror the title with a clear plot and tearing emotions. But what I don’t say is how, with that friendship, my childhood also came to an end.