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Our visit in (art) Balloon Museum in London

Intrigued by the historic building in the very center of London with balloons pouring out of its windows, we decided to look inside. It turned out that the historic building, located right on the bank of the Thames, hosts a viral balloon exhibition that we noticed a few weeks ago on Instagram. Let the name of the museum doesn’t mislead you. It’s not a museum for children.

The concept of Balloon Museum can also be described as an “Inflatable Art Museum,” “Air-Inclusive Art Space,” or “Aerated Art Installation Venue.” These terms capture the essence of the format, emphasizing the unique use of air in creating immersive, interactive, and large-scale art experiences.

Museum offers experience for people in every age, there is planty of attractions for children as well as for grown ups. We really enjoyed ourselves and saw other adults having lots of fun as well!

Art one can touch, to live with and share, never static that creates an innovative relationship with the user, giving life to an experiential path of socialization. This unconventional approach to culture is fascinating and intriguing to adults and children, as they are passionate and curious, and are helping to establish Inflatable Art as one of the most acclaimed ‘Pop’ movements in the world. 

Balloon Museum previously seen in New York, Paris or Rome, has arrived now to London, and in the future we will see it in other European cities like Berlin, Vienna or Barcelona.