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OpenCall Discovers Music: Teeballpaul

Cheeky bedroom funk-pop from Teeballpaul

Teeballpaul is a one-man-band, producer and mix engineer based in Los Angeles. Inspired by Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sublime whose songs were the soundtrack to his many years as a competitive youth baseball player – which later sparked the name for his new creative project.

‘Thank you for your consideration’ is the first single in his career under the name of Teeballpaul. For many years an artist struggled to believe in his power of music creation, handling his ideas to others and always felt disconnected to the end result. 

“I struggle telling stories that aren’t my own. I hadn’t successfully finished a love song since the emo ship sunk, and was slowly sinking in the LA dating quicksand…emotionless, clinging to songs about nostalgia and regret, never about love…most certainly not promising someone they would never be alone.”

‘Thank you for your consideration’ is a vibey, upbeat pop song. A perfect piece for a rooftop party. There is no way you won’t be dancing when you turn it on. Let’s be honest, upbeat and positive is something we need in 2021! We can’t wait to hear more from Teeballpaul. 

“For me, it plays on the idea that the most insane things are all part of a bigger picture - we’re tiny specks of dust in this universe, one minuscule part of something massive. I think part of that is realised as the song unravels. This world doesn’t owe me anything and it certainly doesn’t revolve around me. I can’t really think of a better example, but humans are like Venn diagrams and the stuff you do solely in your part of the circle has a knock-on effect with the circles that you overlap with. That’s what this song is for me, it’s life-affirming and it’s grounding - it’s me making a choice to contribute and see the colour.”

Joey Maxwell