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OpenCall Discovers Music: GAO THE ARSONIST


Poetic rap by Gao The Arsonist

We’re not sharing rap music very often but Gao The Arsonist touched us deeply with his latest track ‘Dead Leaves’. UK-based Alternative Hip Hop artist and producer utilizes a meshed variety of sounds and styles to convey his often vulnerable, introspective thoughts.

Gao influences include the insidious, calculated flow and razor-sharp pen of a younger Earl Sweatshirt, along with a repertoire of manic cadences spanning from J.I.D to Danny Brown.

Female vocals you can hear in the song were delivered by his girlfriend Sal. 

‘Dead Leaves’ is about the death of infatuation. The sentiment can really be captured in the hook. "Dead Leaves, camouflage" refers to that loss of passion, that many choose to ignore and hide from, staying in the relationship either for security, out of loneliness, fear or whatever else."The corpse you let breathe wasn't sabotage" is saying that desperately trying to stay in a relationship you know you don't want is usually an innocent, naïve mistake that shouldn't be seen as malicious. It's usually born out of confusion or lack of experience. The rest of the song plays with imagery and metaphor, always symbolising how diving into a relationship purely based on that initial sense of euphoria and expecting it to be something deeper is essentially dooming yourself.

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