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OpenCall Discovers Music: Bobby Renz


Bobby Renz is a producer, songwriter and engineer originally from Northern California who now lives in Long Beach, CA. Bobby has spent most of his life playing in bands in San Francisco as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and vocalist and in the last 5 years has contributed to the music of many artists in roles of producer, mix engineer, tracking engineer, or songwriter.

In 2021 he’s coming back with his first single ‘Sunday Water’ promoting his upcoming long-play. The artist let things to come to him naturally. His music is very much a flow of his surroundings and doesn’t stay tied to any sort of rules or regulations. Bobby’s first full-length album as a solo artist, name not yet announced, was made during his summer isolation in his apartment in San Francisco and finished in Long Beach in the fall. Modern yet retro, dance-y but melancholy, Bobby’s new album (slated for March 2021 on Text Me Records) deals with the reluctant acceptance of one’s self and finding comfort and peace in the ideals of love in the beautiful but brutal landscape of life and death.

After listening to ‘Sunday Water’ we have a good feeling that the unnamed yet album by Bobby Renz will be here in 2021 to cheer us all up


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