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MILK BEACH on suicide awareness in a new single

Indietronic dance pop project MILK BEACH brings a mix of Foster The People and M83 vibe with a new single ‘Orange Roller Coaster’. Formed by Tommy Lofts in 2018 after finding success from a triple J radio remix competition resulting in nation wide airplay. The single is bold and colorful and it carries a hella important message.

Tommy shares about the single

When in dream state anything can happen ‘Orange Roller Coaster’ speaks golden to my heart. Like the cracking of lightning, rumble of thunder or the smell of ocean salt. An ode to my brother Sean Kennedy The Orange for suicide awareness and the roller coaster we’re all on. Dreams are a crazy thing. When you feel your spirit surrender trying to identify the position of your body in space. Waking is squeezing the enormousness of ones self back inside a tiny body.