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Meet Montreal psych-rock sensation

Bon Enfant unveils the mind-blowinng music video for Magie – a mystical journey through colour and smoke on an unexpected rhythm, which seems to come out of another world. Since its creation in 2019, Bon Enfant has been acclaimed by critics as one of the greatest surprises in the Canadian music scene.

Why we love it so much? It’s different, it’s unique, they sing in French and the psychedelic music video perfectly complements the music. Visuals directed by Ian Lagarde and produced with Parce Que Films were inspired by Kenneth Anger and Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain.

“We really wanted our video to be a pure psychedelic and occult delirium with an overdose of colours and optical effects. We think Ian and the filming crew really nailed it.” Bon Enfant explains.

We think that either. What a masterpiece!