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It’s March Baby!

It’s March baby! And we have  some fresh bangers for you cause Spring is almost here! 

Despite coming up in Australia, indie rock band, Last Dinosaurs would say they’re an international enterprise – and they’ve got a track record to prove it.

Australians have a natural urge to explore

remarks Lachlan Caskey, which might be why their energetic sound has resonated with fans all around the world.

Exciting Times by Muo Duo  endeavors to encapsulate the essence of the cultural landscape in 2024, delving into themes of existential insecurity and the quest for genuine connections in a fast-paced world. It grapples with the challenge of breaking free from self-imposed limitations and pondering whether authenticity will be accepted by others. 

Kim Cho, an alternative indie rock artist and live performer based in Montreal released her single ‘Bitch in my Head’ an ode to Your Inner Self Critic. While relatively new on the independent artist scene, she has been a fearless and wildly energetic performer for 15 years having the opportunity to perform all over the Middle East and Asia entertaining local and international crowds.

Hazy, heady, hedonistic and hopeful— Gold Control is JEEN’s fourth album this decade. The luminous ten tracker glides along the same trajectory as its predecessors while maintaining its own identity. Grunge. Garage. Psych-rock. Punk. Tinges of Shoegaze. Her influences continue to shine as she crafts them into her own vehicle with ease. 

‘The Good’ is the final single from Laura Carbone’s upcoming double-album, ‘The Cycle’. It’s an ambitious concept album that explores emotional turmoil as transformative experience: thirteen songs document the movement of a central protagonist as she moves through the seasons of the year coming to terms with various aspects of her psyche.

‘Recovery Mile’ the sophomore EP from emerging folk-pop singer-songwriter Grace Gardner, ushers in spring with a cathartic closure. A project of songs that tie their respective loose ends, Gardner puts forth a 7-song self-produced collection building on a successful debut EP. Paired with a headline tour and an official visual ‘Sleepwalk’ is the final focus into Grace’s EP.

San Cisco with ‘Summer Days’ were channeling that big anthemic, arena rock thing. And, like Angels itself, it is propelled beyond the dance floor, beyond the radio, and into the stratosphere with the combined powers of sorrow, redemption and bowel shaking synth-bass.

Jump into the mysterious world of Bad Flamingo with their latest single Fast’, a literal heartbeat in a form of music. Bad Flamingo never dissapoint, let them and they will take you on a mystical trip.

Electronic music collective Corserine follows up their debut album Symmetry with the release of the new single You Can Rest Easy (ft. Arkine)– retro percussion, warm synth beds, and a pulsating bass provide the backdrop as guest vocalist Arkine details a tumultuous breakup.

Indie Pop sensation Alex McArtor dropped a new single Pain for Passion a track with a mature sound and Old Hollywood atmosphere.