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ll Peach – the duo that was born to write their original music

Ill peach is the brainchild of Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey, by way of Wyoming and Minnesota. After realising Jess couldn’t support herself as a cowgirl and Pat eventually burning out as a competition tap dancer, they tried writing pop songs, eventually settling in Los Angeles.

Pat and I came together to create based off of sharing our Garageband and diddles,” Jess details.

Initially, when we started working together, our sole focus was to write for other people. It wasn’t until we met with several different publishers where the common statement was, “Your music is too different; why don’t you start your own project?”, that we really started making music for ourselves.”

Their debut EP picked up millions of streams and support from areas such as Wonderland, Ones To Watch, CLASH, Fashionably Early and more, the duo return with stellar new single, DANDELION. Speaking on the track, they state:

DANDELION’ is a song about two rats in a cage. Two lovers who are polar opposites. A love that is so strong that even though you want to kill the other person, you can’t live without them. As the band says, 

We saw a lot of our friends either break up during the pandemic or get engaged. It was a lot of emotions to compact during a period of time for a lot of different people. The song captures that feeling. Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction meets Romeo and Juliet if you like a movie reference for it.