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Liz Metta invites you to daydream with her new hypnotising release

Liz Metta is one of those artists that get your attention immediately. She’s not mainstream, nor obvious in building melodies. Her music is catchy but not commercial catchy, it’s rather something you would hear in a good movie on Netflix. Hypnotising with comforting vocals, unbelievable softness and peaceful vibe she’s taking listeners to her daydream land somewhere in the ’70s. 

In the new single ‘Fragile & Strong’, Liz Metta blends stylistic elements of alternative rock, dream pop, indie soul, and modern psychedelia.  In doing so, she creates a world of sound in which listeners can immerse themselves in a self-forgotten way. It’s a very honest and raw piece and we love honesty in music. 

In Fragile & Strong, apparent opposites are playfully expressed. Song lyrics, as well as the alternation between gentle passages and suspenseful emotion, reflect the two sides. Fragile & Strong also leaves room for the listeners’ interpretation.