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LB Beistad will always be grateful for that family computer

LB Beistad was born and raised in rural East Tennessee. During what she describes as a pretty isolated childhood, all of that changed when she entered a holy union with the new computer her family purchased when she was 10 years old. LB always knew she loved music since she was just a tiny tot, but the wonders of the internet opened her eyes and ears to a whole new world of possibilities when it came to music. From heavy synths to subdued folk tracks, she discovered a level of experimentation happening with independent music that she previously had no idea even existed. Ever since then she’s been using these influences to curate her own unique style that can bring out heavier pop hits like her single ‘Orange Coffee’ or the more mellow bedroom pop sound of her latest single ‘Haunt You’. No matter where her music takes her… she is always grateful for that family computer.

Her new single Dogma  is an alt-pop infused exploration of religious trauma that you can dance to! Big choruses ending with Arctic Monkeys alike guitar riffs are a perfection and can sersiously cause goosebumps!