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Insomnia by MOLI

MOLI is a pop artist and a singer-songwriter based in Belgium. Her first EP Résumé, released in 2018 via Majestic Casual, pushed the 19-year-old further into the limelight. With Clash Magazine calling it “bright, lively pop music, where each song makes a deep and lasting impression, a clever lyrical touch that seems to nail it down for each listener.” 

Insomnia is one of the singles that landed on Molli’s seven-track mini-album released on the 26th March 2021. This soft, gentle voice got our attention immediately after pushing the play button. And bilingualism in the song gave us goosebumps. It’s probably because we could honestly die for French electro-pop. 


As she explains about the focus single from her EP: 

“I wrote Insomnia while I was in London. At the time I was staying in a youth hostel which is always a bit of a hit and miss scenario. I was getting very used to it as I nearly always stayed in hostels on writing trips and had had some great experiences but on the contrary, some not so great too. This one particular night, I had been assigned a shared dorm on the ground floor and my bed was on the top bunk situated right next to the window where this one bright light shined directly onto my face. It was summer, the room was super hot so we also needed to keep the window open and people were being super noisy outside… I couldn’t sleep at all. I was lying there tossing and turning all night and anxiety crept up on me. I spent a while on my phone going through the news and social media and that stressed me out even more! I went down a rabbit hole of thoughts about life and had a little existential crisis. I was in the studio for the next few days and felt inspired by that experience, amongst other sleepless nights I’d had in the past, like the nights where I have had sleep paralysis. Insomnia was born and it all came naturally… this is the result.”