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How to pitch your song to Spotify editorial playlists and get more streams

Have you ever wondered how to reach editorial playlists on Spotify and how to get your music out there? Thanks to Spotify’s new feature it’s easier than ever to reach the biggest playlists and get thousands or millions of streams. All you need is an account on Spotify for Artists website where you can access all data, update your bio, promote your gigs and find out how listeners discover and interact with your music. 

If you’re more of a listener rather than a reader we have this simple, quick tutorial for you.


If you don’t have an account yet you can get access to it simply by clicking on GET ACCESS button and following the process.

You should get access to your artist account in a few days! It’s super easy and if you have any problems Spotify customer service is very helpful.

Okay so now we assume you have access to your account and you have already submitted your song to your distributor. Remember that you need a few days before you can find it on your Spotify for Artists account.    Log in to your account and right in your dashboard you will find your upcoming release with the title PITCH A SONG TO OUR EDITORS

Simply click on it and it will take you to the pitching process. Fill in all the details about your release, check if you’re happy with your answers and click PITCH

Congratulations, your song has been delivered to people creating official Spotify Playlists. Remember to pitch your song at least 7 days before the official release date (2 weeks are recommended) to give them time to listen to your song and decide if it’s a right fit for their playlists. Spotify states that they receive 20 k songs every day! The more time you give them to listen to your song the higher are chances that you will succeed. An editorial playlist can give you a big stream boost what means exposure and extra income. If your song is chosen for editorial playlists you will be able to see it in your Spotify for Artist account in your dashboard.
Good luck!