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Freedom Fry summarise 2021 with their new EP ‘Broken Down on Planet 909’

Freedom Fry are known for being musically prolific. They released about 250 songs so far and they created their own universe around music – producing, mixing and mastering. Whether it’s an emotional folk ballad or a fun pop banger about zombies in love, they have an unquestionable knack for melodic mastery and a catchy, timeless tune no matter the genre and for any mood.

Ego Trip’ is their latest single that takes us back into psychodelic 60’s rock world and it’s a part of their EP ‘Broken Down on Planet 909’ that ends a big year of releases, with a collection of fun indie-pop songs all loosely inspired by science fiction. The EP was greatly inspired by some of the band’s favorite David Bowie songs (“Star Man,” “Space Oddity”), so they channeled that energy.