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Freedom Fry are living proof that DIY music can be huge!

You’ve heard them somewhere, whether you knew it or not – shopping, getting coffee, boarding a plane, on TV, on the radio, or on hold with Amazon’s Customer Service. The married duo of French girl Marie Seyrat and American boy Bruce Driscoll have self-created their own universe around music – producing, mixing, mastering, vastly growing a catalog of over 250 original songs and covers and accompanying visuals. With almost 1 mln monthly listeners on Spotify Freedom Fly are living proof that DIY music can be huge!  

2 months ago folk-pop duo celebrated their latest album release and just two months later they’re coming back with the next single – Colors.Catchy, poetic love song perfect for a summer road trip. Many artists would envy the duo’s productivity and focus. Freedom Fly brings us uniqueness and quality and their music proofs they were born to sing and perform together.