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Feel good with Child Seat

When we heard Child Seat for the first time, we were amazed by their freshness and energy. We definitely did not expect then, one day they will serve us with even better music!

Powerhouse duo formed in 2021 by Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), turns pandemic setbacks into indie rock gold. With the entirety of their debut album written remotely during the pandemic, Mathews’ powerful rock vocals, reminiscent of artists like Brittany Howard/Karen O., create a unique juxtaposition over Mazzaschi’s 80’s synth-heavy instrumentals and blended with MGMT/Beach House/Arctic Monkeys vibes.

Something Good’ is the first single off of their Sophomore full-length album, ‘Dancing at The Disco’ to be released June 2024. It is the forgotten 80’s pop hit you never knew you needed. Filled with razor Juno synth melodies and Simmons electronic drums. Break out the half gloves, and neon-coloured sweatbands, and dance along to ‘Something Good’.