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Dylan Dunn won’t allow you to fall into hibernation

London is cold. There is no doubt. Our brains started preparing for short, depressing days when the sun appears only in dreams but Dylan Dunn, 19 yo singer-songwriter rescues us from this dark scenario with his latest single ‘Seasick On The Ground‘. With this song, Dylan announces his forthcoming EP planned for the nearest fall. Dylan plays nicely with the rhythm and instrumental layers here creating really lightweight piece. For a second artists fooled us into thinking this is the next Metronomy song!

‘Seasick On The Ground is a farewell to old friends that pushed me away with their egos until I no longer resonated with them, the nature of the lyrics intertwined with the upbeat melody work to create this dizzy feeling of disconnection that pulls the whole thing together.

It was recorded with Adam Castilla ‘The Colourist” in his studio in Orange County CA