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Dark Bardo shares musical magic in ‘Wild Thought’

DARK BARDO, a collaboration between producers who have worked alongside Bjork, Childish Gambino and John Baptiste with a flair for mystique and sky reaching pop music did hella amazing work creating ‘Wild Thought’. Listening to this piece feels like stepping into ‘Las Vegas Parano’ mixed with ‘White Lotus’. Pure magic! 

The band all started with a mysterious Christmas package that included a toy revolver, a Marshal’s badge, a Dominican cigar and a small esoteric book. The unknown sender’s name scribbled on the front appeared to read Dark Bardo, and so, the band was born. Their music is a kaleidoscopic carnival of mischievous freaks and scoundrels. Their first offering is a real statement of intent in ‘Wild Thoughts’, a collaboration with Grammy nominated Zimbabwean- American artist, Shungudzo. Featuring her standout vocals over an infectious arrangement, it’s an impactful debut.