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Child Seat about pandemic destroying love and relationships

‘If This is the End’ is the newest single by Child Seat from the band’s debut album ‘Bad Holiday’ released on August 5. 

‘If This is the End’ touches on the negative effects the Pandemic began to have on love and relationships. Day-to-day life became a bit too redundant and conversations sometimes became stale and repetitive – only talking about the weather forecast for the day instead of interesting or exciting things ahead. This soon turned into a toxic pattern of romanticizing a life before the Pandemic, when everything felt a bit more exciting and a new type of nostalgia for pre-2020 started to set in. It also can make you put past memories on a pedestal instead of being content in the present. It often felt difficult to feel excited about anything anymore – fearing that if this path was to continue – it could ruin a relationship. The idea of starting over again seems unfathomable.

Child Seat, the powerhouse duo formed in 2021 by Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), turns pandemic setbacks into indie rock gold. With the entirety of their debut album written remotely during the pandemic, Mathews’ powerful rock vocals, reminiscent of artists likeBrittany Howard/Karen O., creates a unique juxtaposition over Mazzaschi’s 80’s synth-heavy instrumentals and blended with MGMT/Beach House/Arctic Monkeys vibes.