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Alternative Pop in my mind

Taking some much-needed rest during the weekend, I’ve chosen to devote this day to peaceful alternative pop songs. These lighthearted compositions are really tugging at my heartstrings. These tunes contain multiple elements of sorrow, loneliness, and estrangement intertwined with a sense of searching for a place to belong both metaphorically and literally. Those musicians who had to confront such difficult experiences eventually stumble upon a bright path in their seemingly unending tunnels. They teach us that every cloud has a silver lining.

Vincent Coomans – The Great Rebuild

Vincent Coomans, a 33-year old musician, based in Belgium presents us his music where he sings about grief and eventually hope. In his new great release “The Great Rebuild” Vincent explores grief theme:

“You lay wasted in these war lands, while I’m waiting for the great rebuild”, musician sings waiting for the great rebuild after an intense period of grief. Grief plays an important role in the artist’s life, and his music in a very subtle way tells about life broken into a million fragile pieces that slowly become whole again.

 “The Great Rebuild” is the first album from Vincent Coomans. Artist rebuilds new, other version of himself. 

Caspian CoberlyShadows Open Speech

When Seattle based multi-instrumentalist songwriter Caspian Coberly Caspian Coberly’s guitar echoes through the air, listeners can feel their feet tap in time with the groovy, guitar-heavy rhythm and blues sound. In a re-contextualization of traditional genres, Caspian melds intense surrealist beats with raw emotion and powerful soundscapes. 

As he describes his music self:

Woozy swamp-boogie does a sweat-slick slow dance with intergalactic psych-blues, as mystical pop troubadourism meanders through a warm lo-fi fog. 

Casper Coberly was always passionate about music. Growing up, his natural gift for playing the guitar soon attracted the attention of some of the most famous rock musicians, like Alan White of the Plastic Ono Band, Duff McKagan of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. By the time he was 12 years old, Caspian was in love with the sound of 60s and 70s funk and rock music and he was determined to use it as the main source of inspiration for his work.

Isabella Rosetta – 505

Meet Isabella Rosetta (San Francisco based) and her very first song she wrote. At the tender age of 14, Isabella Rosetta embarked on her journey as a singer-songwriter, starting out at the Albuquerque Museum and expressing her love of music. She has been inspired by the places she’s lived -Albuquerque, Boulder and Mexico City-and her family’s long-held history of musical talent. Isabella’s sound combines influences from bands such as No Doubt, Lianne la Havas and BANKS, in addition to her appreciation of thoughtprovoking topics with light melodies. All are invited to take a seat and succumb to her dreamy, hypnotic melodies.
The song ‘505’ was penned when Isabella was unable to find a sense of home; she had been away from her family and her place of birth for a few years and when she returned, she felt the lack of the familiar community she once knew. This song is dedicated to those who, like Isabella, feel displaced in the world, yet yearn for the security of home. 

Sink into your favorite surface and melt into her melodies- she wholeheartedly welcomes you to do so.



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