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A virtual soul that stands to tell stories

Canada-based duo Foxlee formed by Adam Damelin and Rose Brokenshire, is a virtual soul that stands to tell stories, provokes questioning, and kindles the feelings that are often hard to speak about. With their debut single Heart Attack, they will take you on a journey of a desert soul wending and wading through mountains of uncertainties in search of truth. With Heart Attack they introduce us to their magical, minimalist world of dark pop, serving us music that is simultaneously beautiful and uneasy.

 “The three chords in the verse were something I’d been playing around with for a really long time, but never able to turn into a fully realized idea. I was sitting at my computer on some zoom conference and just zoned out in boredom, I played the chord progression on my Rhodes and this melody just came out. And that melody spun out into words completely spontaneously. The next thing I knew, I had a chorus, too. I quickly recorded the idea onto my phone without even amp’ing the Rhodes. I ended up loving that real mechanical, dry sound of the keys…when it came to the actual recording, I just mic’d the keys themselves. I sent the keys and temp vocals to Rose, she made sense of my stream of consciousness, wrote a second verse, added her 24 layers of backgrounds – and I just colored in the rest of the track around her vocals. It all seemed pretty effortless – but we got exactly the sound I had in my head – which happened to be the same sound Rose had in her head. And Foxlee was born.”