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A space of comfort

AE are Berlin-based Indonesian vocalist and producer Akila, and half-Bolivian, half-Danish vocalist, and instrumentalist Elias. In their music, the duo explores the dualities they face as aliens in both – their native countries and in their home – Berlin. Struggles with sexuality, gender, and post-colonialism are very real in their lives. They use love as a metaphor for broader aspects of their identities, such as womanhood, queerness, and being foreign. Their goal is to bring a space of comfort for those who relate to these themes. 

In Silence is AE’s second single taken from their forthcoming album Small Hands planned to be out this summer. The song touches on issues of emotional dependency and fear of abandonment. 

“It can be hard to see a loved one going through tough times from the outside – hard to find a way to help without letting yourself be pulled down with them.” 

AE’s second single shows their softer and more gentle side. It’s a dreamy pop song that opens with Akila’s beautiful, layered vocals and nostalgic guitar riff. It’s a dialogue between two friends that can’t stand the idea of seeing each other suffering. The song starts with a very strong line “Are you in love, or you just looking for acceptance? I cannot bear to see you burn inside in silence”. With this single AE managed to create a space of comfort for everyone feeling left out and lonely.