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Who’s the dreamer? Edgar Everyone shares a song inspired by his spiritual awakening.

Edgar Everyone is a solo project formed by Jules de Gasperis who for many years working in various bands as a producer and musician felt the urge to take a break that led him to choosing a solo path.

At some point, I found it a bit hard to juggle both my creation and the work with the other projects (touring with Low Hum, producing CARRÉ and Possible Oceans). For some reason, my instinct was telling me to disconnect and put everything on hold, which I did. 

After attending an ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon Jungle his perspective shifted and Jules got rid of many artistic blocks and self-criticism. That experience shaped him as a completely new person and helped him to create the music without any barriers. 

Edgar Everyone’s new single ‘Who’s the Dreamer’ starts groovy but innocently leading to the big, explosive end. It’s incredible how this song mirrors the artist’s spiritual experiences and lets the listener open the gate to Edgar’s mind.