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Together, Never Break

Today we present you an absolutely stunning track from Sofi Gev which sways us with chilling, dark indielectronica melodies.  

Sofi Gev, actually Hannah Lovelady, is an American singer-songwriter Her music layers introspective, offbeat lyrics and delicate vocals over a dreamy blend of indie pop, electronica, and indie folk. Her earliest and most enduring musical influence came from her father singing Joni Mitchell songs to her at night as a child.

Music has long roots in Sofi’s life. She began  songwriting in her childhood, entertaining herself on family road trips by making up silly songs with her younger sister. Her stories are impressive like the one that she honed her sense of melody by singing the words of recipes from cookbooks accompanied by her father playing acoustic guitar. 

„Creating is not just about waiting for a visiting muse. You have to reach into a storm within yourself and find a lone ship of meaning, from which to survey the chaos. You will inevitably burn your hand sifting through the mistakes and traumas of your past, your limitations and moral failings. It is painful and terrifying. But the alternative? Chaos and detritus with no beauty, no meaning. This song explores these themes.”~ says Sofi