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November full of musical blessings

It’s hard to believe how much great music is out there! Every month we’re looking for pieces that stand out and make our life better and hopefully will also bright up your moody November days.

‘White Lilies’ a new single from Atlanta bedroom pop artist Jillian Loux – Atlanta-based artist with a brooding vocal smooth as honey and wordsmith way of crafting songs.

Jillian says on the track

White Lilies to me is kind of a classy diss track. The song mentions various observations I’ve made about a particular friendship in my life and I’m basically coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is a bit toxic and it may be time to let it go. All love at the end of the day, but self love has to come first, which sometimes means cutting off people that hurt you more than benefit you.

Titus Waldner’s latest ‘Wohin’ unfolds like a serene road trip through sound, where the playful bass guitar and a crisp drum break set the pace for a journey into the heart of indie dreams. The synth line, luminous and infectious, pulls listeners in, while the vocals—a blend of bedroom pop’s intimacy—cradle the soul in a narrative of distance and togetherness. The lyrics, seamlessly moving between English and German, talk about driving into the sunset and a testament to the courage of moving forward because, at the end, everything will be just fine.

Bad Flamingo – a mysterious American duo comes back with a fresh mix of country and folk in the best possible execution taking the listener on a trip as a main character of a western movie.