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Music you can’t miss in August

It’s sad to admit but we only have about three weeks of summertime left. On this occasion, we need some fresh songs to celebrate life and the sun.

Arctic Lake are dropped their new single, ‘Fool’, taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘How Do You Make It Look So Easy’. Composed of vocalist Emma Foster and multi-instrumentalist/producer Paul Holliman, the duo wrote the poignant track with Micah Jasper who produced along with Holliman. A gorgeous track built of intricate production, the release carries with it a sensitive back story. 

Emma explains 

One of my best friends was in a really volatile relationship; over the space of two years I watched her slowly disintegrate. She was worn down by it. I started writing the song about that – ‘Eating away at me/ Keep fraying at the edges’ – and then the chorus: ‘I’m a fool to let you break me / I’m a fool to let you change me.’ Then I wrote the pre-chorus about loving someone who has a side to them that scares you or makes you question your worth.

Nathaniel Paul’s sophomore album “We Can’t Keep Running Away” will be released in early Fall 2023 via AWAL. Singer-songwriter and producer from The Emmy award winning band ‘The Bergamot’, is set to release his sophomore album in the spring of 2023. 

Second single from danish alt pop outfit Darling Darling elegantly weaves acoustic and electronic elements into an art pop voyage with soft synths, warm guitars, and firm driving beats that ultimately erupts into a fierce blizzard of sound.

‘Dark Shades’ captures the essence of the upcoming EP, ‘Lost at the Movies’, from the soft sombre moments to the unyielding wall of sound at its climax.

Four multi instrumentalists crafting dreamy, melodic indie-electronic-psych rock journeys. 

Meltt has been praised for its combination of heavy riffs, colorful instrumentation, detail oriented production, and multi-layered song-writing. With an equal love for the blissfully tripped out and the powerfully crunchy corners of music, a Meltt song or show is designed to transport the listener to spaces they have only previously dreamt of. 

Crunchy guitars, psychedelic synths, and crushing emotional sentiments make up the engine of this alternative-pop banger. ‘Be Cool’ is the lead single for Franklyn’s debut album, ‘M’, a body of gorgeous production, witty songwriting, and a creeping sense of surrealism. 

A new single ‘Vodka’ by Calico Sunday is reminiscing the great times that band had in Melbourne’s Summer Sun alongside friends and loved ones.

The London-based identical twin duo, are excited to announce the release of their empowering new track, ‘Drunk & Loud’ co-written and produced by Sam Harris from the X Ambassadors. The song is the first track from the girls’ long-awaited EP and serves as an anthem for outliers and misfits, celebrating the power and resilience that comes from the unity of the outnumbered. Echoing the spirit story of David and Goliath, Bloom Twins invite listeners to never underestimate the power of the underdog.

‘Bad Trip’ a song by Lucius Arthur, LA based musician and producer is about things not going the way you plan and how disorienting that can be. 

Leonard, a pretty mysterious artist shares a summertime banger ‘Like You’ that will make you want to go out there and live your life!