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Leah Rye about struggles you face entering womanhood

Leah Rye invites you to dream with her. Her new single  ‘Growing into Me’  explores struggles you can face while entering womanhood. Slowly getting to know yourself better and growing into your own skin. It’s a beautiful, ambient ballad full of melancholy and mystery. The shadow of Rye’s voice follows throughout the song accompanied by gentle grooves combined with dark sounds.

This song is the first single of my upcoming debut album.  It was released on my birthday, which feels like a full circle as the video starts with footage of my 4th birthday in 2000. To me, this song means the body of my upcoming album, and the body of myself as an artist and person. Musically the song starts off slow, with a melodic piano line, before building up and adding layers which lead to an energetic, bass-driven ending