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French Toast with ANNNA


Amsterdam based electro-pop artist ANNNA releases a new single French Toast, taken from her forthcoming EP Mortgage on Toast

French Toast is a minimalist, dark piece. ANNNA’s warm, hypnotizing vocals will grab you immediately. There is something beautifully disturbing in this instrumental, and like a waterfall, ANNNA’s vocals are brining this opposite energy into it that makes the whole composition unique. 

The singer loves to surprise her fans with something refreshing each release and this one was no exception. ANNNA celebrated the release by performing the title track of the EP while driving through a carwash on Instagram and Youtube live. This was one of a kind, a three-minute long performance where she and the producer of the song, Bastian Benjamin were dancing and singing in the car. 

Mortgage On Toast will include a set of songs that will tell an autobiographical journey through the 21st century millennial problems. The EP starts with a career vs burnout dilemma and concludes with a sarcastic story about our lives in 2020/2021. Global warming, fast fashion and other alarming subjects are already on the ANNNA’s previous release list.