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Drift away with a new single by Maida Rose

Maida Rose, a dreampop duo from The Netherlands creates an immersive and emotive music, exploring themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the challenges of young adulthood.

‘Phoenix’ is the first Maida Rose release since their debut album ‘Tales Of Adolescence’ in 2022. The song is part of their upcoming EP ‘Philia’, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the friendship between its songwriters Javièr den Leeuw and Roos Meijer.

‘Phoenix’ takes you on a journey of introspection. Inspired by poems of the Persian poet Rumi, the duo explores the challenges of taking responsibility for your own life and rising up after an emotionally challenging period. Dreamy as ever, though more mature than their previous work, Maida Rose remains a treat for all lovers of slow indie songs.