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Dominic Sen feeling stuck in modern world

Dominic Sen shares her new single ‘World of Noise’  – a song of desperation written while dealing with an undiagnosed medical condition. 


 I wrote ‘World of Noise’  during a time when I was inexplicably losing my voice due to an undiagnosed medical condition. I could barely hold conversations, let alone sing comfortably. My chest was so tight at points, even breathing was painful. Afraid that my voice would never come back fully, I was grappling with my identity as an artist and performer if I couldn’t sing.

‘World of Noise’ is about feeling stuck in an intense emotion or silenced by the cacophony of the modern world. In the album’s mythological narrative, the song signifies the loss of hope and an intense isolation experienced by the central figure. Sen produced the song in a way that felt aligned with these feelings of despair – a stilted drum groove, spacious cathedral reverbs, literal calls into the void.