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DOLL sharing her darkness in a new single ‘Poser’

DOLL an emerging alt-pop artist whose sultry powerhouse vocals and intimate lyrical abilities distinguish her from writers of her generation shared a new single ‘Poser’, a song about loving someone who doesn’t love themselves.

DOLL shares about the single:
  At its core, the song is about loving someone who can never really seem to love themselves, and the toll that emotional void takes on you. No matter the source, insecurity is an intense motivator. Sometimes you don’t realize until it’s too late that the person you’ve fallen for is really an illusion. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, DOLL has immersed herself in an admittedly dark, hedonistic nightlife scene she insists continually inspires her writing perspective, largely shaping and setting the tone for her upcoming EP, InternetStar.

It’s really easy to get lost here, and even easier to fall in with people who are already so far gone they want nothing more than to take you down with them – and a lot of the time the going down feels more like getting high. You have to be so careful who you trust and what you believe.