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December playlist arrived!

Yes. It’s almost the end of the year. Let’s just forget about this fact for a moment and let’s focus on music… yes… much better isn’t it?

The Barking Spiders’ latest EP “Songs (You Give on a Whim)” does not tell a story. It is more of an abstract telling of emotions, removed from any sense of time or space. The song Wasted Words is the epitome of the ideas expressed in this EP – a frenzied race with no finish line, an unending quest to feel anything at all. Through solar chord progressions and happy-go-lucky riffs, The Barking Spiders aim to breach the gap between upbeat power-pop, progressive rock, and dark lyrics in order to make sense of the world around them.

After 5 acclaimed albums and two hundred Live performances in France, Europe and Canada, Verlatour announces its 1st album Immersion planned for April 2024. 101 Reves is the 2nd Single from this album, a synthpop journey marked by the masterful fusion of analogue synths, a mix of acoustic and electronic drums, guitars, and a dreamy, sublimated voice.

A former rock musician and a meditation teacher teamed up to create tracks that were simple in form and deep in content so that they became a soundtrack to living the present moment – here and now.

With the promise of an upcoming five-track EP , Chris Richter sends her new single, The Train of 3:30, into the world. The song is the title track of the upcoming EP , set to come out in February 2024, and sets the tone with an intricate, self-questioning message on how to choose life. If anything, this track shows how well Richter tells stories, musically and verbally. The train-like chugging of the supporting instrumentation and interweaving strings and horns make for a soft bed to lay her words.

Alt-pop artist Cadenti has positioned himself to take the genre by storm with his debut single Bleed. The track, a romantic ballad coated in infectious synths, punchy drums, and funky guitar riffs, screams nostalgia with a modern twist. In the vein of The 1975, The Killers, and CHVRCHES, Cadenti layers harmonies and echoed vocals as he belts the refrain, “My heart still bleeds for you.”

A new single by Isaiah67 encapsulates the final stages of transitioning through the Revelations into the New Age. It’s a song about uniting rather than dividing before the inevitable crossroad ahead.

Odd Beholder, the Electro Wave project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann, releases the third album Feel Better on along with its focus single Wollen Sweater, one of the very central pieces of the album; a portrait of a family waiting for the day of an assisted suicide procedure.

The album was penned shortly after Weinmann’s grandfather took his own life as a part of a program called EXIT (The program provides Swiss residents with access to trained medical professionals who assist them through the procedure). The material that resulted is an attempt to exorcise the spectres of grief and trauma.