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Briston Maroney announces his upcoming album

Acclaimed Nashville-based artist Briston Maroney has officially announced details of his forthcoming new album – Ultrapure – due out Friday, September 22 via Canvasback Music/Parlophone.

Lead single “Body” arrives accompanied by an official music video conceived and directed by Maroney, alongside close friend and longtime visual collaborator Drew Bauml. The video stars Maroney in his physical form, alongside an animated depiction of his soul. Evoking nostalgia, the visual “carries the emotion of a twenty-something discovering their own freedom for the first time.”

Maroney shares:


My favorite moments in the human experience are ones that you don’t even realize have started, but feel so deeply when you realize they’ve ended. I refer to these as ‘Ultrapure’ moments. This album was my humble, unqualified, and earnest as hell attempt at sitting in those feelings until they had no choice but to burst out of my head. These songs are about a type of pain I hate and love, but mostly have a deep appreciation for.