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Birmheim breaking free from restrictive gender roles

Just a month ago we discovered a hypnotizing Birmheim and her single ‘Literally Everything’ that sits on our playlist to this day. We’re lucky enough to be gifted another masterpiece from the artist in collaboration with eee gee called ‘Brand New Woman’. On the new release Brimheim and eee gee fantasise about breaking free from restrictive gender roles, letting the inner beast prevail, and escaping from a suffocating normative existence. With this single, an artist announces the release of her sophomore album, RATKING, which is set to be released on March 22, 2024.

Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff says about the new single 

Brand New Woman was inspired by the famous ‘cool girl’ monologue from David Fincher’s film ‘Gone Girl’: A cool girl pretends not to care when she cares deeply. She pretends things don’t hurt when they do and abandons herself for someone else’s approval. She bends over backwards to twist herself into a person that might be worthy of love. In this song, she is someone so used to settling for crumbs of attention, she loses touch with reality and fantasises about tapping into survival instincts — a wild, ferocious sense of self respect that propels her into new life.