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Arctic Lake invites to their dreamy world with ‘My Weakness’

London based duo Arctic Lake have picked up millions of streams on their brand of icy left pop, and their newest single ‘My Weakness’, is another fantastic offering from the duo. The London-based band masterfully evoke the subtle undercurrents of thought and emotion that lurk beneath the surface of a relationship.

The accompanying video, directed by Marc Oller takes viewers racing down a neon-lit highway, which erupts into a stunning lightshow that provides the backdrop for Foster’s performance. Emma explains ebout the song:

‘My Weakness’ talks about how loving someone can become both your greatest strength and greatest weakness and how there’s a quiet beauty in that, that can take your breath away. It’s a love song. There’s fear of rejection interwoven in there because that feels like a very universal fear surrounding the story of human love. But ultimately it’s a song about worshipping someone and telling them whether you win or lose because they deserve to know how special they are.