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Made in Poland and loved in the Emirates – POCA & POCA

POCA & POCA is a young fashion brand created by the talented sister and brother duo Karolina and Wiktor Gniewek, in their native country of Poland. The clothes, which look like a princess dream, are made in Poland  but also beloved by… princesses from the Emirates. Bringing together everything that aristocrats from Dubai admire in fashion: fresh and creative designs, a passion for style, and unique fabrics.

No wonder why women from the Emirates fell in love with the Polish brand. POCA & POCA brings to life exceptional creations for the charming woman, personifying her original and charismatic sense of style.

It all started with a dream, a fairy-tale and believing that all things can come true if you put your heart and soul into it. POCA & POCA illustrates young and innovative designs that are both simple and sophisticated. It’s for the young and creative, the youthful and stylish, the elegant and trendy – for all those who care about being unique and experimenting with their own individual style

 From bows to pleats and ruffles, the baby pink stitch, the feminine and sweet – distinctive features which are so playful, they bring a whimsical sensation for all those who wear the creations. The best way to describe the feeling of wearing POCA & POCA is like “wearing an invisible crown” – there is a sense of enchantment and a magical touch, like the fairy waving her magical wand to dress you for that special occasion.  Each POCA & POCA piece exemplifies an energetic and youthful spirit. These timeless creations are so precious, that they are to be cherished and treasured forever. Each piece can be personalized with one’s own name on the tag with the brand’s signature baby pink stitch, so as to be loved and to accompany you through life’s journey, capturing your favorite and memorable moments that you will remember forever.

All the precious POCA & POCA pieces are carefully handcrafted by a team of master tailors in Poland with precision and skill, working together to produce designs of the highest quality. The signature of the POCA & POCA finishing is the baby pink thread that is used to highlight the charming and delicate character of the POCA & POCA brand.

Along with the women’s collection Poca&Poca makes also children’s wear which is also kept in the same pinkish style. 

Fairy tale dresses are available online as well as in the luxury boutiques in the United Arab Emirates: 

  • Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Riyadh Park
  • Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall, Burj Dubai District
  • Robinsons, Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Bloomingdale’s Kuwait

Disneyland for adults

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