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You won’t forget this voice – flowerField by thomTide


thomTide is definitely the one to watch in 2021. His compositions are not very usual. They are shorter, they break all the rules of successful pop songs, and still are so catchy and addictive that you don’t just walk away from them. thomTide’s music is like a painting. You experience it, you feel it deep down in your bones and soul. 

flowerField lyrically examines our innermost thoughts and the worries that run through our minds. thomTide explains, “This episode was comparing the mind to a flower field, where the soil doesn’t discriminate between flowers, like pleasant thoughts, and weeds, or troubling thoughts. It’s kind of like for overthinkers like me, if you don’t communicate outside of yourself, you can get creative about why something in real life is better or worse than it actually is.”

thomTide is San Diego based creative. He shares an original lens and perspective-shifting sound that has begun to cause ripples in the indie world. He is a mystery. A beautiful mystery.