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You will loose your head with the LA favorite indie band Little Dume

Los Angeles favorite indie band Little Dume has returned with their mind-blowing new single “Lose My Head.” This invigorating original jam officially marks the march towards the band’s upcoming debut album.

“Lose My Head” is an upbeat anthem perfect for the care-free vibes of Summer. With bustling drum beats, electrifying guitar riffs, infectious vocals, and grooving basslines, this record has a beautiful energy to it that the band manages to push and pull for a dynamic aural adventure that will hit you in the heart.

Little Dume have had numerous hits on their hands with songs like “Dangerous Man” and “Human,” but they’ve really dialed in something special with this new single that teases more to come. “Lose My Head” is a strong first step for the band in 2022 which may end up becoming their biggest year yet.