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You Could’ve Called

Canadian-born singer-songwriter and co-writer for Bad Child, Ryan Chambers releases his new single ‘You Could’ve Called’, a love ballad that expresses human acceptance for toxic love that deceitfully blinds many of us. 

Ryan refuses to be glued to just one genre and serves his raw emotions on a plate. Remaining honest and vulnerable, he is never afraid to get too personal. 

This song to me is about someone testing your ability to keep loving them. They keep hitting you with low blows but you’ve taken so many at this point you just say “I can take it”. Change can sometimes seem like such an unclimbable mountain that you just decide to find comfort in the toxicity. It almost makes you grow addicted to the chaos and excitement where you feel you’d almost be bored without them. It’s about loving someone else a little TOO unconditionally for your own good.